Welcome  to  Madison House our team of professionals has decades of experiences in business success and leadership development. We have developed the most comprehensive range of executive education programs in leadership available in ASEAN. We bring together experienced professionals, a world-class faculty, and a dynamic curriculum in a setting where the common denominator is a shared commitment to both business growth and public values.

Our participants are accomplished professionals working in the government, corporate, and nonprofit sectors. Our participants come to us from every conceivable background: ministers of government, senior executive civil servants, state governors, CEOs of global non-governmental organizations, state and local administrators, and top executives from corporate organizations this creates a unique and incomparable experiences for our programs

Dr.Sathit Limpongpan



Our purpose:

Is to develop English language skills for the current and future workforce of Thailand, so that   they can become global business citizens, thus creating a positive impact for themselves and employers worldwide.

Madison House was founded by a team of successful business professionals whose educational backgrounds including some of the world’s top universities including Harvard, Stanford, and Yale.
Madison House has developed a multi-dimensional curriculum that effectively and efficiently   builds the English language proficiency of business professionals throughout Thailand. Madison House has collaborated with  Cornell University-ILR School, one of the top universities in the world, the provide the highest quality Business English program in the country.

House’s teaching philosophy:

Is based upon the concept that non-native English speakers require constant reinforcement   and guidance to ensure success in their learning of the English language. Our curriculum is   designed to provide this constant reinforcement and guidance, so that each student is able  to   excel to their full potential.

Our Objective:

Madison House’s objective is to provide the Thai workforce with the necessary language   skills required to   enable them to successfully work and effectively communicate within the ASEAN Business Community.

Executive summary




Cornell University was founded in 1865 and is one of the eight world-famous Ivy League Schools, along with Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, and The University of Pennsylvania. Approximately 14,000 undergrad, 8,000 post-grad students, 41 Nobel laureates, 33 Marshall and 28 Rhodes scholars have been associated with Cornell University.


LEAD Business’s partnership with world class universities provide our program with up to date knowledge, trends and research that will equip executives for the current and upcoming business challenges.


Madison House School of Language and Culture was developed to vastly improve the English language skills for the current and future workforce of Thailand. In doing so, these employees will become more valuable citizens, thus creating a positive impact for themselves, their colleagues, and their employers.


Thailand’s premier strategy and financial advisor. We engage with top management to provide independent advice with uncomprised quality with a shared objective of maximizing longterm shareholder value.


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