2-1-email-writingCourse Description:

This Email Writing Course will focus on structure, style, and  composition of the most common types of business emails: Inquiry, Reply to an Inquiry, follow-up email, and Reply to a follow –up email.

Course Objectives:

-Focus on writing professional business emails

-Improve business writing grammar and style

-Learn how to write and respond to business inquiries

-Learn how to correctly accept and decline offers through writing

-Develop the ability to deal with problems and complaints though writing

Course Options:

2-Day Workshop, 3-Day workshop, 30-hours Training Course

2-2-refining-writing-techniqueCourse Description:

Participants in this course will learn to use clear, concise, correct, and professional written language. This course will focus on some of the most  common writing mistakes.

Course Objectives:

-Improve and refine business English writing skills, including grammar

-Develop a professional and formal tone when writing

-Learn to properly structure and develop business emails, memos, and letters

Course Options:

2-Day Workshop, 3-Day workshop, 30-hours Training Course

2-3-business-proposal-reportCourse Description:

This course will teach participants how to properly design and develop formal business proposals and reports in English.

Course Objectives:

-Learn the basic structure of business proposals and reports

-Develop useful phrases and terms when writing business proposals and reports

-Gain the ability to write persuasively and concisely

-Improve grammar and sentence structure

Course Options:

3-Day workshop, 30-hours Training Course

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